I am working on updating the links to these Articles, and will be Adding Sermons and more content soon, All of the material can be found at The Churches of God Website.  Click Here to Explore All Content.

A Mystery
A Shadow of Things to Come
Abraham Father of Many Nations
All About Hell…Not What You Think!
All Israel Will Be Saved
Ancient Archaeologists
Antichrist in Scripture!
April Fools Day, Article
Are You Ready for the Return of Christ?
Articles in Spanish
Ask, Seek, Knock
Autismn, New Information
British DNA From Abraham?
Can You Repent?
Christian Love
Christmas (not)
Clean Foods
Coming Out of Egypt
Did Christ’s Sacrifice Do Away With the Law?
Do You Have Emotional Religion
Does God Require you to Repent to be Saved
Don’t Fall in Satan’s Trap, 4 Ways to Protect Yourself!
Frequently Asked Questions
Gems of Proverbs!
God Versus Satan
God’s Master Plan
God’s Master Plan Part 2
Good and Evil
Good Old Time Religion
Good Old Time Religion Part 2
Hard to Understand Bible Words
Holy Day Calendar 2015
How to be Happy
How to Change
How to Count Pentecost
How to Have Eternal Life
How to Keep the Sabbath
How to Overcome
How to Prosper
How to Stop Panic Attacks Forever!
How to Understand the Bible
Hunt for the Lost Ten Tribes
Hunt for the Lost Ten Tribes, Part 2
I Come Quickly
Identifying the End Time Man of Sin
Interesting Facts
Is Christmas Pagan
Jesus, King of the Millennium
Keep the Faith
Lazarus and the Rich Man, in CONTEXT!!
Lies Lies Lies
Modern Day Pharisees
Overview of Prophecy, Part 1 (Broken Link)
Progressive Christianity
Proof of Moses
Religion of God or the Devil?
Religion Without God
Should You Keep the Sabbath?
Spiritual Identity Theft
Spiritual Nakedness
Study to be Quiet
Swearing, the Strange Origins of Swearing
The 12 Tribes of Israel
The Better Resurrection
The Bible Ahead of It’s Time
The Body of Christ
The Conflict
The End of the World, Are We There Yet?
The Few, the Proud, the Condemned
The Fool
The Fruits of the Spirit
The Future
The God of Peace
The House of God
The Importance of Context
The Judgement of Angels
The Kingdom of Jacob
The Lord of the Sabbath?
The Presence of God in the 6 Day War!
The Scattered Children of God
The Second Passover Explained
The Seven Churches of Revelation
The Sins of the Fathers
The Spiritual Priesthood of Melchizedek
The Stone the Builders Rejected
The Tribe of Manesseh and Their Egyptian Connection
The Two Witnesses
The Weightier Matters of the Law
Things You Didn’t Know Were in Your Bible
Think on These Things
Three Kinds of Sin
Tribe of Benjamin and the Latin Connection
Understanding Prophecy
Understanding Prophecy, Part 2
Was Christ the God of the Old Testament?
What is God’s System
What is Grace? Understand the Role of Passover
What is Outer Darkness?
What is the End of the Age
What is the Excuse Used by Law Breakers
What is the Gospel
What is the Sabbath a Type of?
What is the Truth?
What is the Way?
What Really Happened
What the Bible Teaches About Sunday
Who Do You Worship?
Who is the Man of Sin?
Who is the Ruler of This World?
Who Was the Pharoah of the Exodus?
Who Will Be Least in the Kingdom
Why Should We Keep the Hebrew Calendar?
Will You Be Deceived

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